Our mission is to generate new therapies for cardiovascular-metabolic disorders, and reverse unfavorable aspects of aging.

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November 2021

Ippei Shimizu, Yohko Yoshida; We will make presentations at 6th ICE on IMERI, Indonesia University. Thank you for giving us this great opportunities!

October 2021

Ippei Shimizu; Presented at Korean Society of Cardiology. I would like to thank Prof. Jin Han and organizers for giving me this great opportunities.

October 2021

Ippei Shimizu; Astellas Award for the Best Biomedical Research

September 2021

Ippei Shimizu; Presented at Global Innovator Summit, National Academy of Medicine, USA. 

September 2021


Nakao M, Shimizu I*,**, Katsuumi G, Yoshida Y, Suda M, Hayashi Y, Ikegami R, Hsiao Yung Ting, Okuda S, Soga T, Minamino T**.

Empagliflozin Maintains Capillarization and Improves Cardiac Function in a Murine Model of Left Ventricular Pressure Overload.

Sci Rep 11, Article number: 18384 (2021). Co-first author, *corresponding

Graphical abstract of our findings.

(Fig. 4J; Sci Rep 11, Article number: 18384 (2021))


We found empagliflozin enhances capillarization in heart and ameliorate cardiac dysfunction upon left ventricle pressure overload.

Together with our previous studies in Nature 2007, J Clin Invest 2010, Cell Metab 2012, our studies indicate the critical role of maintaining capillaries in heart.

September 2021

Professor Sakai Mashito in Nippon Medical School gave us a talk at MARS (Cardiovascular-Metabolism-Aging Research Seminar); ISHR U45-Satellite Symposium. Thank you Dr. Sakai!

July 2021 

José Javier Fuster Ortuño in CNIC gave us a talk at CREATE-International Symposium! Thank you Jose!!

(The Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC), Hematovascular Pathophysiology, Madrid, Spain)

July, 2021

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine; IF 6.05! Awesome!!


April, 2021

Ippei Shimizu appointed as a leader of U45-ISHR Japanese section.

(International Society of Heart Research).


April, 2021

We moved to Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan.

March, 2021
Winner; Yung Ting Hsiao; YIA competition for International Students, 84th Annual Scientific Meeting of Japanese Circulation Society 2021 (JCS2021)

March 2021

YT*, Shimizu I*,**, Wakasugi T, Jiao S, Watanabe T, Yoshida Y, Ikegami R, Hayashi Y, Suda M, Katsuumi G, Nakao M, Ozawa T, Kashimura T, Ozaki K, Hanawa H, Minamino T**. Cardiac Mitofusin-1 is Reduced in Non-responding Patients with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  Sci Rep. , Mar24; 11(1):6722, 2021. *Co-first author, **Co-corresponding author